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What is Diwali Festival In India - Diwali Festival 2016 - Diwali Night

Diwali is an Indian festival. The word Diwali means rows of lighted oil lamps and sometimes called Quelo. It is actually from Sanskrit meaning "Row of Lamps" or "Spreading of Light".This is  also called the "Festival of Light".People celebrate this festival in autumn or spring every year. They decorated their houses doors, windows temples and other buildings with shining lights.
Diwali holidays are significant for people of India and Nepal. They clean their houses and decorate them for the celebrations. This is one of the biggest shopping seasons in which people buy new clothes for themselves and their families as gifts appliances as well as expensive gifts like cars and gold jewelry. they also buy gifts for their relatives and friends which include sweets dry fruits and homemade sweet dishes. Elders told ancient stories about legends, myths about battles between good and bad or light and darkness to kids. Women and girls wear bright and colorful dresses and create the beautiful pattern on floors in courtyards near doors and walkways. On a Diwali night, they do firework. Later, family members and guests celebrate the night with delicious dinner and sweets.
Diwali is not only celebrated by Hindus but also Sikhs Jains and Buddhists. All religions symbolized the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair.
This is the five days festival in India. Rituals and preparation for Diwali begin many days before the Diwali night. the formally festival begins two days before the night of Diwali and ends two days thereafter. Each day has the following rituals and  significance.
What is Diwali Festival
What is Diwali Festival 
In Dhanteras people clean their houses and offices and decorated them. women and girls decorated their door entrance with Rangoli. they create colorful designs both inside and outside of their homes and offices. Men are busy to decorate their roof walls windows doors with different lights.
Dhanteras is the also a great shopping day, particularly for gold and silver jewelry. traders merchants prepare articles, especially for that day. Lakshmi pooja is performed in the evening

Naraka Chaturdasi

This is the second day of celebrations and also called Choti Diwali. people start their day by performing early morning religious rituals and festivities. Rangoli colorful patterns and Diwali decoration at home is the specialty of this day. Women decorated their hands with henna and busy in preparing homemade food for main Diwali day 2016

Lakshmi Puja

The third day is the main festive day. people wear new outfits in the evening, offered pujas, illuminate diyas. Lakshmi symbolizes wealth prosperity and her blessing are invoked for a good year ahead.

On this special evening, people open their doors and windows too welcome Lakshmi and place diyas on their windowsills and balcony to invite her in. Small earthenware lamps filled with oil and lightened in the row of temples and houses. some set diyas adrift on rivers and streams. Important relations and friendships are also recognized on this day and invite friends and relatives and exchange gifts and sweets.
Padwa, Balipratipada
The fourth day, a day after Happy Diwali is celebrated as Padwa. this day ritually celebrates the love and mutual devotion between husband and wife. They exchange gifts with each other
Bhai Duj, Bhaiya Dooji
The last day of this festival is called Bai door or Bhai tika in Nepal. this day shows brother and sister loving relationship and quite similar to Raksha Bandhan but that is the different ritual. this day emphasizes the love and long life bonding among siblings. Women and girls perform a puja for the long and  happy life for their brothers.

This is the festival of peace. different religion does charity for peace and kindness. On international border, every year on Diwali Indian forces offers traditional Indian sweets. Pakistan soldiers also exchange sweets with goodwill and best wishes. if you want to more information about diwali so visit and share Deepavali Festival.
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